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What we Offer

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We Care

Fulfilling all the needs of elders with a brisk sense of professionalism and a personal touch in making sure that they get all that they require at a price which is the most convenient to them is a key idea of Second Son.

‘We Care’ holds the responsibility of all the important tasks of our clients so that they do not have to run from place to place for their daily needs by providing them the essentials at their doorstep.

Be it:

  • Grocery
  • Bill Payments
  • Ticket Bookings
  • Taxi Service
  • Meals
  • Labour Chorus (Plumbing, Electrician, Maid, Security Guards, etc.)
  • All other basic needs

We, as a company, are willing to be accountable in providing all these services to them in their households. We are just a Miss Call Away

Travel with us

Travel plans amount to a big share of our efforts towards the well-being of our elders.

We shall take up the responsibility for their cozy stay, health, transport, food and all the other concerns to ensure complete customer satisfaction during every tour and outing.

Religious Tours:

  • Our focus would be not just on the clients’ needs but also on their spiritual beliefs.
  • Organizing religious tours for the clients and taking care of the full trip under our authorized supervision is what we aim at.

Leisure Trips:

  • Leisure needs to be balanced in the chaotic urban life.
  • We shall organize trips to the best of the places and comfortable resorts to make our clients spend their vacation with a well-balanced combination of peaceful nature and thrilling adventures, after all, age is just a number.


  • Short breaks from the routine lifestyle are a must for a heart filled with refreshing essences.
  • Picnics and day-outs to numerous parks and close by spots would be organized on a frequent basis.
Happiness Drive

"Focus on Your Career, You will get plenty of time to have fun!" Sounds Familiar? This is a common phrase that generations of people have grown up listening to. Your parents were preached the same too!

After they have spent decades of their lives striving for a livelihood, having crossed their retirement age, we feel that they deserve all the happiness and light-heartedness in these post-retirement decades.

We as a team are putting in our best in this category of services which is termed as ‘The Happiness Drive’.

Second Son will be hosting & organising various cultural, musical, adventure and sports, ethnic and miscellaneous events to fill our clients’ life with enthusiasm and joy, sometimes thrill too.

We also aim to help new talents get a stage in order to showcase their skills and earn lots of good wishes and exposure.


A helping hand or a nursing associate is a frequent necessity in the old age. Since we are taking responsibility of the wellness of senior citizens, we assure to provide nursing and home-care personnel and services whenever need be.

Second son is willing to provide the best and dedicated nurses to those people who need attention round the clock and to make sure that the health, diet and timely medicines of your parents are never compromised on.

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We can Change everything together

Delhi-NCR, India
(Write us for a Skype Call)