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About Us

Second Son is an ideology that has been developed into a business framework when the need was felt after looking at the current scenario of the senior citizens of our society. People often have to move away from their parents due to the demand for growth in today’s professional world.

The time has been long lost when life was peaceful, living in the midst of the greens, where the air was fresh as ever and the chirping birds and rippling water was the melody to the ears. The time when satisfaction of work and life was measured with a scale of happiness and peace of mind is a history for today’s generation.

The serene jobs have now been taken over by the rat race for success and position; the joint families have now turned nuclear; the chirping birds, fresh greens and the rippling water are now a part of holiday destinations rather than a usual surrounding and we have all been lost in the crowded hustling cities trying to chase our career goals.

While walking on the path of professional success, we have learnt to accept leaving back our parents but the concern for their safety, convenience, health and happiness is something that would never stop bothering us.

So here we are, an organisation that respects the concerns of all such professionals regarding the safety, comfort and happiness of their parents. The distance shall no more be a barrier, as we extend our hand as their Second Son to take care of their health and happiness.

We vow to be there for your parents, every time and everywhere as need be. Trust us with the well-being of your parents and allow us to be your helping hand for the same. Bless us with the opportunity to be their ‘Second Son’.

  • Founder's Vision

    Service to my birth parents is a gift bestowed upon me by the almighty, service to my clients as a professional son is an additional present that I choose from my life.

    Our vision is to set up a professional family that adheres to its values, morals and ethics.

    While a Business works on calculations of profit and loss, our establishment shall emphasize on the nobility of the purpose. For the company, its success be rated on a scale calibrated by a homogenous combination of monetary gains and customer satisfaction, not forgetting the blessings that it earns.

    FounderLalit Goswami

Meet the Founders

Second Son is a joint venture in the partnership of two individuals: Mr. Lalit Goswami & Dr. Abha Padhye.

Mr. Lalit Goswami Mr. Lalit
Dr. Abha Padhye.Dr. Abha

The company is a brain child of Mr. Lalit Goswami, a young Entrepreneur based in Delhi-NCR and Dr. Abha, a young dentist turned business woman, is the creative brain behind implementation of the ideas.

Delhi-NCR, India
(Write us for a Skype Call)