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Adopt a Parent

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Adopt a parent

Sometimes life is unjust to the faultless. Raising the crawling toddlers to stand tall on their feet, with packing their school lunch to opening the door for them after a late night office party, they do it all. The point is, do these well raised adults fulfil their responsibilities towards those parents who have sacrificed so much at all fronts and contributed largely to make these professionals what they are today?

Sadly, there are so many senior citizens who do not have their old age support from those for whom they were the childhood raising hand. Why keep them deserted of the pleasant life that a second son can gift them with?

So take the lead and adopt a parent, their blessings and satisfaction of being the reason for their happiness is waiting to reach you just a click away.

Join us in the path of beautification of the life of our senior society in the country.

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Delhi-NCR, India
(Write us for a Skype Call)